Friday, May 7, 2010

Rightfully old, becoming beautiful...

This blog has been my first and most favourite place to share all that I love with you. It is those very first posts, in their dark and over-sharpened glory, that I look back to see all that I've learned and felt in the past years. I can still feel the overwhelming excitement that daily welled within me when I read those old words, look at those old pictures. Everything was so new and wonderful: a first client, another idea, a second client, another lesson learned. I love that what once was new has rightfully taken it's place as a beautiful memory. It has become the old, the past. Now, with more overwhelming excitement than ever before I eagerly anticipate what opportunities I may call new in their time, and what else will continue to take it's place as rightfully old, becoming beautiful.

With a bit of hesitation, I brought myself to design something new. To start over. And with more hesitation, I write these words. But I've learned... change may just be a reason why we have beautiful memories.

Bittersweet and beautiful all at once xx

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

In Love.

The quiet. The beauty. The shared sister secrets. The laughs to follow. The surprises. The dress up. The prettying for pictures. Waiting for the next morning, the latelight that evening holds. The marveling. Adoring. Waking up to sweet smells in the kitchen. The Jane Austen. The reminiscing. My Dearma, my Poppa. Their love.

All of it, seamlessly undying and unending. I leave, every time, a little bit more in love...

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For you.

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hullo New York City :)


Time Square Church. My favourite from the week. Everyone was so in love with God. Nothing more or less to say. 

Good company. If you're going to go to New York, there is no one better to go with then the sweetest family, the Gales. A best friend to share the excitement of stepping into Louis Vuitton with is much needed. 

Site seeing. It was amazing to stand where Tess in 27 dresses had her wedding, or Prince Edward in Enchanted unsuccessfully tried to save his Princess Giselle in Central Park, or Hannah in Made of Honour strolled with her soon to be beau Tom. To walk down Fifth Avenue and see Armani, Gucci, Burberry, and Fendi. The statue of Liberty is also a lot bigger than I thought!

Mmm, Forever 21. I know there's one here. I've been - many times. But in this one, I think I ventured to a huge second floor with the whole first floor hanging over my arm. If I'm not shopping in this store, I will not be shopping. 

Ten dollar "designer" bags. Oh - and the crazy guy on the street shouting it! "Deeesiggner bags!" I cannot. believe it. myself." Do I wish I had a video camera in my pocket. But it was the first real purse I bought. No more wallets or school bags. Phew :)  

Pictures. I was so grateful to have my camera on this trip. So many memories to never be forgotten. These are just some of those captured straight from the camera. 

What I could do forgetting, 

Walking. Walking alone is fine, but hours of it in the wrong shoes, is not fine. All I can remember is ouch.  

The overwhelming hospitality from taxi drivers. Beyond frightening. You're more than risking your life trying to cross the street. Their driving skills do come in use when lost with sore ankles. Not all taxi drivers possess such vigorous driving skills though. We met one quite pleasant who eagerly returned a lost wallet within minutes of finding it. 

The lack of sleep. This city may never sleep! But I do!