Friday, May 7, 2010

Rightfully old, becoming beautiful...

This blog has been my first and most favourite place to share all that I love with you. It is those very first posts, in their dark and over-sharpened glory, that I look back to see all that I've learned and felt in the past years. I can still feel the overwhelming excitement that daily welled within me when I read those old words, look at those old pictures. Everything was so new and wonderful: a first client, another idea, a second client, another lesson learned. I love that what once was new has rightfully taken it's place as a beautiful memory. It has become the old, the past. Now, with more overwhelming excitement than ever before I eagerly anticipate what opportunities I may call new in their time, and what else will continue to take it's place as rightfully old, becoming beautiful.

With a bit of hesitation, I brought myself to design something new. To start over. And with more hesitation, I write these words. But I've learned... change may just be a reason why we have beautiful memories.

Bittersweet and beautiful all at once xx


debieee said...

you are extremely talented and you should consider writing a book with these wonderful words you write and these beautiful pictures you take.

Emily said...

Debieee, I would certainly love to do that. I'm not sure I'd know where to start though. Thankyou very much! xx

Emilykathryn92 said...

If you ever come to New Jersey, let me know! I love your work, I'd love to be photographed, and we have the same name!
-Emily Foster

Emily said...

Emily, I love that we have the same name! Thanks so much though! You are sweet. I'm always available for travel, but if I ever happen to be in New Jersey - you'll here about it on the new blog. ;)


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